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Well being coaching

Well being and mindfulness coach

Being aware of the present self, by being concious of your body how it feels. To focus your awareness on your surroundings, whilst being mindful of your breathing. Our daily lives can be filled with an abundance of thoughts and distractions, that by bringing your mind back to self, helps you to focus upon the here and now.



Delving into the wonderful world of spirit can be such a humbling and the most exciting experience but it can also be a minefield and sometimes we just don't know where to start or how to get our head around it all. 


I love to help others on their spiritual path and I host a range of spiritual development classes, workshops and even one-on-one mentoring for those that need that extra bit of support or are eager to learn at a faster pace.


My students are all different and unique in their own ways - some are just curious and want to find out more about the spirit world; some have skills they want to nurture and grow, whilst others are hit with an intense spiritual awakening and need to make sense of it all.  There are so many questions and I am here to answer them!


Workshops are catered for the Mind, Body and Spiritual Development and include:

·       Spiritual development

·       Mediumship development

·       Spiritual Awakening

·       Connecting with Angelic Beings, Cosmic Beings and the Elemental Kingdom

·       Reiki Attunements

·       Empowerment of Self


All workshops designed with you as an individual or as a group and range from complete beginner the more advanced.






I think it’s always nice to hear the opinions from others ahead of working with someone and here I just wanted to share a selection of testimonials from my clients and students who I have been working with.  


I have had several readings with Annette and each time I go away feeling relaxed, calm and completely ready for the challenges that await me…as well as blown away! I’m not sure how she does it but her accuracy on hitting the things that are most pressing on my mind and causing me worry is unbelievable. In fact, I often feel like I am listening to myself talking when I listen to her – it freaks me out!  Whether it be love life, business, personal relationships or things such as how to work on my anxiety, Annette hits the spot each time.  Her psychic abilities are second to none but it is not just this that makes her such a credible medium, she also offers a very kind (and sometimes much-needed) ear, providing sound and constructive advice. I have recommended her to many friends already and would happily in recommend her to anyone seeking a reliable and talented medium.


Melanie Rawlings

London, England