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Feb 21, 2009

Angels Of Light: Channeled Through Annette Moss


Describe a world of light ...
where everyone can see beyond the veil.

The mists that so many of you cannot see through.
Behold the beings traveling forth.

Do not fear them they bring love.
insight, that those do not see.

Awaken your being, your true self,
a being of light.

Go forth light the way for others,
for they are also awakening to their being.

Be the guiding light a beacon of pure love.
We are watching you from afar but that we have shown
interest in your work.

The distance is vast, but we are
with you in the blink of your mortal eye.

We hear your thoughts,remain pure and untainted.

Cleanse your body be a clear channel
for we will help you communicate,
with many beings of light.

The masters who have trod where you tread
have paved the way for others.

For they are many who have walked the
path of righteousness.

To be the best that you can be,
with love in your heart and warmth in your very soul.

Behold your beautiful world of so many
worlds, different species, but of the same mind,
the mind of self.

To be yourself and speak when you need to can bring the many as one !!!

- Channeled through Annette Moss

Quoted by: Psychedelic Aventure

Annette is a good friend from
Facebook and she was very kind to send me this message she channeled 6 months ago !

The source of this channeled message is a light being whose name remains withheld until the time to disclose as per Annette who is on her way to publish her first book which features some of her most profound channelings till date !

((( Shine On )))

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