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Article 6 Feb/Mar 10

Hello friends,

Last year for many of us was a time of change. Now that we have entered a new year, hopefully it will bring in new beginnings for us all. As for myself, I must admit that I am excited that the spring is soon gracing us with her presence. Spiritually speaking the winter is a time for reflection of the past and spring is a time of new growth. The more we open ourselves up to the life force and its energies the more we develop ‘self’, which of course is why we are all here. By going within we can learn to accept who we are.

Meditation can help in this process. By quieting the mind it not only helps you to relax from a busy day but also to tune into your own body and mind. Since our days have become more stressful more problems have risen. Many people are discovering the comfort in a few minutes of daily /weekly meditation.

When we are drawn to working for spirit, many of us go into the quiet to open our channel. As mediums we have a direct link to the divine ‘We are all mediums in our own way’. Being a link to the spirit world for me is the best vocation there is. When I am not demonstrating as a medium, I love to watch other mediums at work. This is why I arrange and host guest demonstrations here in Belper. It shows how we are all different in our connections and that we are all individual, but also all linked into one source. Watching mediums reclaim their gifts for me is wonderful; it’s just like watching a bud open at the first sign of spring. Some, let’s say are already open and just need a little encouragement to fully bloom.

This applies to spirit when they return to say hello. Some can quiet easily communicate and others it takes practice. Remember that as we are all different here and have our own personalities, to a certain degree we retain this when we leave our bodies. If your father came to say “hi” and I said he’s a really happy jolly man, but in actual fact when he was here he was miserable, you would say no way and dismiss him. So by returning with an essence of ‘self’ you recognise your loved ones. This is the real task of a medium, helping to make the reconnection between loved ones! By describing a person in spirit and by giving information that only you would know, is evidence of life eternal.

Make a note in your diaries of forthcoming events, all held at the former Herbert Strutt School on the A6 Derby Road, Belper:

Friday 5th February - An evening with international medium Simon Goodfellow, 7.30pm. Tickets cost £10. Please feel free to look at his website.

Mind Body Spirit Event on Saturday 6th March from 10am to 5pm. Lots of stalls, demonstrators, therapists, readers and much more. We do have opportunities for you to book workshops.

One of our workshop presenters is Roy Roberts. According to his Facebook profile Roy is featured in January's High Spirit Magazine and the winner of London Ghost Week competition to find 'London's Best Medium'. Roy is a medium who specializes in investigative-mediumship and provides messages from passed friends and relatives to people. He is also one of the UK's leading criminologists and one of the UK's leading poltergeist mediums. Go to   for more information.Please contact me directly to book his workshop.

Should you wish to book a stall please call the number below. Alternatively, please look at my website for stall holders and demonstrators information.Should you wish to book a stall please call the number below. Alternatively, please look at my website for stall holders and demonstrators information.

Friday 26th March – Ghost walk/tour from 10pm to 1am.               Tickets cost £20.

To book tickets call   07854 273 131  07854 273 131   07854 273 131

Every Tuesday 7pm till 9pm – Spiritual Development classes

I also offer one to one development.

New! Meditation/relaxation classes every Tuesday morning 10am to 11am at the former Herbert Strutt School, cost £4.

Other fun-filled events are in the pipeline yet to be confirmed which will include the popular Supper with Spirit, demonstrations, workshops, ghost-walks, investigations and much more. Please visit my website as below for more details. I also offer personal readings for £35.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a change in venue: My Clairvoyant Evenings will now be held at the former Herbert Strutt School every Friday evening 7.15 cost £3.00 including a raffle ticket.

May your Guardian Angel Guard,Guide and bestow their love upon each of you.


Love and Light 





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