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Article 3 Aug/Sep 09

To be given love in all forms is to be very blessed
To give love unconditionally opens your being...
In more ways than you can imagine...
Just giving a stranger a smile can make a difference
to that person’s day.
Above all, remember we get out of life
what we put in...
Enjoy every minute, and most of all - be happy!!

I have been asked by many readers about angels, and whether or not I believe in them... absolutely!  Angels come in many forms. There are the large winged ones - 'traditional' you might say; and there are the genderless beings who can appear as human or animal, depending what you need at that time. Love is their main gift and to feel their presence is a truly wonderful experience.

Those people who are lucky enough to actually see their beauty are blessed. Words cannot express just how much angels help in our daily lives... but they can’t intervene unless we ask for help – although there are exceptions where I suspect permission is granted by a higher source.

Guardian angels are our own personal angels. They are assigned to us throughout our lifetime here. They are with us at our birth and help us when we leave our bodies. I like to call them friends, as they know us inside and out. They aren’t here to judge us for they love us unconditionally. We don’t say “thank you” enough to these beings (but I have to say that gratitude is a human thing)... and I’m sure that they don’t expect thanks.

There are many stories of people just coming out of the blue to help when it’s needed. I like to call these people Earth angels. I'm sure we all know someone who fits this description – a friend or neighbour who give so much for nothing in return... does that ring a bell?

Q: How can I tell if an angel is near me?

A: White feathers are usually calling cards for these wonderful friends. They can just come from nowhere... or you may find them in your pathway... please look for them.
Also, some people feel warmth around the shoulders, like a blanket draped around them. 
If you have you ever had an experience that you wish to share with other readers, please write to me at the email addresses supplied in the blue panel below. We would love to hear your stories. Your name and address will be withheld.


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