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Article 1 Apr/May 09

    April/May 2009

Hello. I am Annette, a spiritual medium and healer.

I’ve always known I was different even as a small child, but it wasn’t until five years ago that I was fully “awakened” spiritually.  The awakening process happened almost overnight. I used to see spirits at night and had been experiencing things like this for many years, but I put it out of my mind. A sense of “knowing” has always been there, but in 1996 my eyes were opened in a physical sense. I saw spirits in a normal physical form. These were spirits of people who had properly “passed over.”  I also saw other souls who were semi-transparent, These souls may have been troubled, had unfinished business, or who were simply lost and needed passing over into the Light.


Four years ago my friend’s husband passed over, and I went to support my friend who wanted a reading, and I decided I wanted a reading for myself. The medium asked me why I wasn’t doing mediumship as I was very psychic.  I replied that I was very nervous – but I joined my first Spiritual Development circle, and gave my first proper reading to someone in that circle. From that day onwards, things just escalated.

At Christmas 2005 I was told I would have a Christmas gift. On Christmas Eve my grandfather appeared in front of me in a physical form but looked brighter, radiant, younger and in no pain. (He had passed over in 1996).  Minutes later, I was given a star by Jesus, with a cross inside it. I was in shock.  That January a medium in church talked of being given a star and a cross when he was aged six – and then I realised that I wasn’t imagining it, and it made everything much more real.

 On Sunday November 6 2005 I saw an angel who had a child with it – my miscarried child. Yes – children really do grow up in Spirit. And I’ve seen my child again. I’ve been tested along my path many times by Spirit, but I know I am totally protected and loved.

 Today I run spiritual development classes, workshops; I am a working medium, doing church and centre demonstrations; private readings, and I run my own clairvoyant evening every Friday evening at Holbrook Miners Welfare, where there is a different guest medium each week. My healing work has evolved and diversified.

 I now invite readers to put forward any question they have relating to the spirit world, or other enquiry, and with the help of Spirit I will offer help and guidance.


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