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Spiritual Books, Journals and Spiritual Paintings


The first book in the Spiritual Beings Series is Being Human:

The second Book: 
Being a Medium 

These books have been written in hope, that the reader may find them informative, to hopefully promote a change in perception.

The Seven Journals:
Have been created for the writer to log their hope's, dreams and spiritual journey.

Please note:
All my book covers are original art work painted by myself.

My paintings vary from person to person, they can be of the persons guides, past lives or even this life, in transformation...

All are on canvas. The 'medium' paint  that I use are a combination of metalics and glitter.
they enhance the energy of the paintings. Which help to creat my individual style.

Orders are now being taken. From £40.00 depending upon the size of the canvas.
Readings to a company the paintings can be done for an extra cost £25.00 per picture.
The paintings can offer an individual gift for someone, or equally a fabulous present for yourself.

Below are just a few of my previous paintings....











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