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I’ve always known I was different even as a small child. After my father passed away at the age of 5 years, my mother said “if there is a way he could come and visit with me, I’m sure that he would try.” This for me was one the first conscious memories that I have. 

Whilst growing up I was used to seeing and conversing with spirit, although I mainly saw spirits at night. They used to wake me up to talk to them. 
It wasnt until I reached adulthood that I have embraced my gift of communicating.

I have been experiencing the wonderful world of spirit for many years. I am what you would call a Clairvoyant, Clairsentiant and Clairaudiant.
This means that I can see spirit in a normal physical form and hear them via my own ears, or by thoughts placed within my head.
I can also feel spirit which is fabulous as I can can experience such emotions ie love.
It is a great honour to feel the love that was once and is still shared.

All of these gifts 'as I call them' help me to convey messages to loved ones. These are from spirits of people who have properly “passed over.”  I also see other souls who are semi-transparent, These souls may have been troubled, had unfinished business, or who were simply lost and needed passing over into the light. 

My demonstration of mediumship is offered in one to ones readings, parties and I can cater for large audiences from 20 to 200 plus..... Should you wish to book an evening, please contact me at your convienience. 




Being a Medium can be very diverse

Usually clients come to my home, the reading lasts for 1hr approximately. Usually during a Mediumship / spirit session, I would hopefully connect with spirit beings eg loved ones friends of the sitter, to enable me to convey their messages. Depending upon the spirit, I would hope to be able to give descriptions of their features,  details of how they passed and personalities . All leading to hopefully give  proof of the person giving the message. Please note everyone is individual and spirit are no exception. 

 Card readings last approximately 1hr.  I would ask the sitter to shuffle the cards, reason I do this is so that the sitter can put a little of their energy within the cards.

I would then deal the cards and the reading would begin. After my initial reading, the sitter can ask questions, should they wish. The reading is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the individual. 

 Examples of why someone may require a card reading:

Love and relationships


Moving house

Life path

Past life


Change of direction 


These are just a few, as all readings are personal and unique to the sitter.

My demonstrations of mediumship are offered in one to ones readings or parties. I can also cater for large audiences from 20 to 200 plus..... Should you wish to book an evening, please contact me at your convienience. 

Thus I now work very closely with the Spirit World and my aim is to prove that life in fact is eternal.

This is also why I love investigations (more commonly known as ghost hunts) as it helps me to connect with the past
ie: centuries ago . It is amazing what information spirit people wish to share. I really do feel privilaged.